Jessica's Journey

Little challenges, big changes…

And this is why…

Too much yarn!

…the yarn diet is on my list of 101 in 1001.

This is what I received from Jimmy Bean’s Wool yesterday (one of four shipments, actually) and their Lorna’s Laces “mill ends” sale. Actually, they weren’t mill ends, they were from lots where the dye didn’t take exactly right, so they have a slightly heathered effect. You wouldn’t be able to tell unless you were holding a skein up to one from a “good” dye lot. Horrifying. And here’s a picture of what I had already received from other places, but not put away yet:

Out of control, take 2

Oh yeah. See? And did I mention, I have THREE whole plastic storage bins, plus a huge cardboard box, of additional stash that is waiting to be moved?



  Belinda Giliberti wrote @

Congrats on the Wollmeise score from Sheri! She is too sweet!

  knittchick wrote @

Oh my. You have quite the loot. I love how rich those colors are.

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