Jessica's Journey

Little challenges, big changes…

Challenge 5 – Participate in a craft swap by mail.

I kept reading about all these “swaps” that the knitting people were involved in, and they sounded like fun. So, I thought I might like to try it. I can’t remember how I found Swap-Bot, but suffice it to say that there are a ton of cool swaps that I could get myself into. And so, I did! At first it will only let you register for five at a time, and once you ship a swap package you can register for another to replace it. When you get three positive ratings, then you can sign up for as many swaps as you want. Which, if you are crafty, will be a lot.

I opted to sign up for a variety of swaps to begin. I signed up for a chocolate swap, a girlie things swap, and a crafty odds ‘n ends swap. I thought it would be a good introduction; relatively low time and $$ commitments to see if I liked it. But I should have known – of course I would love it, it’s happy mail packages! And I love putting together little surprises for other people, too. How fun!

Not to brag on myself, but since signing up and mailing my first set of packages, I have received four perfect ratings and four “hearts” for going above and beyond!! So, I’m going to call this one complete!


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