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Little challenges, big changes…

Challenge 7 – Meet friends for lunch once per month for 6 months.

Let me tell you how this got started. My friend Lisa and I started meeting over our lunch breaks quite a while back, after realizing that as very busy single moms it was probably the only way that we would ever be able to keep in touch. It was a nice break from work, kids, life, and everything else. We went to Izzy’s, an old mom and pop cafe, and made fun of the mundane gossip that the women at other tables were sharing as “very exciting news”. Then we went to the cute, atmospheric cafe The Night Sky to partake of a little overpriced caffeine, to keep us going after a long night. And a couple of times, we just met up for a sandwich at Bakehouse Breaks for an update on which of our acquaintances was pregnant and unwed.

Having had to share the “pregnant and unwed” news via e-mail over the past few months, I realized how much I miss our little lunch breaks. And I also realized how great it would be to meet up with some other friends that I haven’t seen in a while – the ones I always say I should get together with, but then never seem to make the time! So, I am setting a goal for myself, to meet a friend for lunch at least once per month in six of the remaining months of this year (2008)!!

Meet up #1 – Need to schedule w/Estee

Meet up #2 – Need to schedule w/Lisa

Meet up #3 –

Meet up #4 –

Meet up #5 –

Meet up #6


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  Lisa wrote @

How’s that going for ya?

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