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Spring Fling Coffee and Yarn Swap – Questionnaire!

Need ideas for the Spring Fling Coffee & Yarn Swap? Check here!


  1. What is your preference? Whole beans or ground? Probably ground, since I don’t have a grinder, but I guess you could send a grinder with it!! 🙂
  2. What kind of coffees do you enjoy? A rich, bold roast; a light, fresh one; or something in between? Leaded, or non? All kinds! As long as they are LEADED! Or NON! So, just all kinds.
  3. If you were headed out right now to buy some coffee for the house, what would you be picking up? Probably cheap stuff, LOL! Actually, I would probably be getting some from Winan’s in town, I like buying local.
  4. Do you drink for caffeine, pleasure, or both? Both, depending on the mood, time of day, and/or level of spacticness!
  5. Do you enjoy flavored coffess? How about add-ins or flavored creamers? I like alcoholic add-ins…otherwise, I like it black. I also like it mocha-ed, cappucino-ed, etc. But for regular, non-espresso coffee, just black.
  6. A large, lovely mug or a small, dainty cup? Medium to large, I guess. I use regular ‘old mugs, but a travel mug would be cool.
  7. Describe your perfect cup – not JUST the coffee, but how you’d enjoy it! I had one of these, once! I woke up around 9 AM on a Saturday in the summer; the kids had spent the night at Grandma’s, so I had the day to myself. I threw on some comfy clothes and took my Bailey’s and coffee out on the porch, along with my laptop. Jack Johnson played in the background while I surfed the web and relaxed. Lovely. Nothing says leisure like liquor at 9 AM!
  8. You’re sitting down to enjoy a nice cup in the local coffee shop, knitting bag in hand, iPod all tuned up — or maybe you’re there with a few friends for knit night! What treat do you pick up to enjoy with your coffee? A sweet, rich brownie, or something more healthy? How about a salty treat? What goes best with that great cup and company? DARK CHOCOLATE CANDY! Okay, maybe that’s just my local coffee shop (did I mention it’s Winan’s Chocolates?) Dark chocolate cherry cordials, or caramels, or marshmallow-filled eggs, or meltaways. And there’s a Winan’s in the bookstore, too, so does a book count as a treat? Or would that be the “great company”?


  1. Do you knit or crochet? I mostly knit, but I also crochet when the mood strikes. I learned to crochet when I was a child, but I’m kind of taken with knitting right now because it’s my “new” thing.
  2. What are your favorite types of yarns to work with? All natural fibers! I’m really into bamboo, for some reason, I just like the texture. Also, I think linen creates a nice finishedfabric, but the yarn I’ve worked with so far was kind of splitty and broke a lot, so I wasn’t impressed. And of course I love all sock yarn…merino is so nice…tencel is so shiny…alpaca is so soft…yeah.
  3. What do you have on the needles (or hook!) right now?
  4. What are your favorite colors in yarns? What about those that you’d never find in your stash? Blues, greens, and blue-greens are my favorites, followed by purple and red. But I have a HUGE stash of these, because I just can’t resist them! I would like to have some variegated black colorways (BMFA Raven series, or Queen of the Night by Ewe-phoria are examples). I like yellow in combo with the colors above, kind of orange as well, but not usually these two alone. I’m also not really big on self-patterning sock yarns. However, the only thing I would absolutely as a rule stay away from are NEONS, I just got some as a part of a free yarn grab bag and they make me want to puke!
  5. What sort of needles or hooks do you enjoy using? Any you just detest? I LOOOOOOOVE Addi Turbos. But then, who doesn’t? I prefer metal over bamboo needles, and anything at all over plastic. I’m a needle snob. I have the KnitPicks Options basic set, so extra cables or longer ones that don’t come with the set would be great. I could also use some lace/shawl circs, in small gauges (< US 4) but long lengths (36″ +) !!
  6. Are there any particular notions you absolultely do NOT need? Some of us swap a lot – are you sure that you have enough tape measure to last your lifetime? Enough stitch markers to mark every stitch of a 10-ft wide afghan? Hm…I can’t think of any. I can always find a use for more!
  7. You walk into the yarn shop and have exactly and only enough money to purchase 2 skeins of yarn in their 2 for 20 special they have going. The choices are a soft, thick cotton/viscose blend in your favorite colors, slightly variegated…a beautiful sock yarn that’s just squishy and sproingy in your hands…a soft, worsted weight wool like Malabrigo…and a lovely bamboo blend with colors to just die for. Which do you walk out the door with? Ah, that’s a tough one. I would probably have to go with the bamboo blend, because (1) it’s bamboo, and (2) it says the colors are “to die for”. I love anything colorful and beautiful. The sock yarn would be tempting, but it doesn’t mention anything about color/pattern/variegation/etc.


  1. We’re starting sign-ups on the first day of Spring — is it already truly spring-like where you are? It’s finally starting to get sort of spring-ish.
  2. What’s your favorite spring flower? Do you have one? I like variety bouquets with lots of different colors and flowers. But I am also particularly fond of lilies and daisies.
  3. What do you look forward to most about spring time? I wish I had something philosophical to say about the return of life, and birds chirping, and so on, but really I’m just glad that it finally gets warmer!
  4. They’ve predicted a gorgeous day tomorrow — sunny and about 65 with a nice breeze — how do you spend your day? 65 is too cold. Yes, seriously. I’ll open up all the blinds and let the sun flood the house, lay on the couch, and knit while listening to some good music, or catching up on TV shows. Well, I would do that in an alternate universe. In reality, I’ll probably be too busy cleaning and chasing children! And…well…let’s be honest, probably wasting a lot of time on the web.
  5. The day after, it’s going to be cooler and pouring down rain — does that impact your mood? How do you spend that day? What helps cheer you up? It will definitely impact my mood! I’ll just have to put on comfy clothes, lay on the couch, and knit while listening to some good music, or catching up on TV shoes! And screw cleaning the house! The children will have to chase themselves for a while.

Odds n Ends

  1. Do you collect anything BESIDES yarn and needles? Scrapbook supplies, books & magazines, and shoes!
  2. Are you allergic to anything? Nope! However, I am not really very fond of peanut butter. Just throwing that out there.
  3. Do you have pets? I have two dogs…a Shiba Inu named Chewie, who is truly man’s best friend and loves his daddy, and a Shih-Tzu named Misty, who is my baby girl. She is so cuddly and laid back, I could not ask for a more perfect dog. Not even one with both eyes. No joke, Misty only has one eye – when the shelter found her she was so badly injured that one eye had to be surgically removed before she was placed in a rescue program with a breeder. She waited six months before we found her, because no one wanted a one-eyed dog. Man, did they miss out! Speaking of…I desperately want a pink, Shih-Tzu sized (she’s about 14lbs) eye patch for her. With a black skull and crossbones. And maybe some bling? I haven’t had time to make one, so if you want to, I would love you forever!
  4. Is this your first swap, or are you an old pro? What are the last two swaps you participated in? I am a relatively new swapper, but this is not my first. The last two that I participated in were on Swap-Bot — the Cookie A. Sock Swap, and an A to Z Scavenger Hunt swap. If you’re on Swap-Bot, I’m lady1380.
  5. List 3 of your favorite blogs — craft related or not — and tell us why you love them.
    • Lisa’s Blog — Okay, this is the small, personal blog of one of my close friends, but I love her! She is so creative, and interesting, and her blog posts are always thought (or creativity) provoking.
    • MochiMochiLand — Could these patterns by any more awesome? I love her stuff. I can’t say enough about how cool this woman is; I included patterns, gift certs, and other goodies of hers in swaps whenever I can because she deserves the exposure and the $$!
    • Yarn Harlot — I love her sense of humor, and the “real-ness” of her. Her writing style is very genuine; I really appreciate people who can laugh at themselves and maintain such a down-to-earth viewpoint even with relative fame. Maybe not riches, but fame, at least among knitters!

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