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Well, I know I’ve been a bad blog momma, but I’ve had a lot going on. We’ve actually moved into the family homestead, as of one week ago. We are still actively working on it, because if we weren’t, it would fall apart! This morning I had to take a shower at MH’s sister’s house around the (country) corner, because all of our water was shut off in the middle of his kitchen plumbing project. However, I was relieved to come home today and see that half of the new countertops were on, and next to the stainless appliances (well, the half that are actually installed), they look awesome!

The studio…awesome. I am sitting in my own private room right now, just enjoying the peace and quiet. I have all kinds of workspace, storage space, shelf space, technology, and of course all the arts and crafts supplies that I have always owned are right here with me!! I can’t wait until the house is in better shape, and the wedding is over, and I can sit in my comfy chair up here and knit, or set up the easel and actually paint again for the first time in years.

Speaking of the wedding, there’s only four weeks to go! I must be insane. Seriously, I have no idea how I will EVER get all this done, but I guess it will pull together in the end. Check out the wedding site if you like, not that it’s really exciting. Unless you want to buy something from the registry! : )

Well, to close this brief and pointless update, I have a lovely visual for you:

No, it’s not just my blog I’ve been neglecting, the little ones have been woefully short on laundry as well! So, I better get back to work, but I PROMISE to be better and update again in the very near future!


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  Rima wrote @

Such a cute butt 🙂

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