Jessica's Journey

Little challenges, big changes…

Challenge 33 – Meditate for 10 minutes per day for 30 consecutive days.

Every week, I write on my daily “Sharpen the Saw” goals that I am going to meditate for 10 minutes per day. Guess what? I have yet to actual do it. Maybe…once a month it happens? Okay, I guess I’m being a little hard on myself there – I don’t think it has to be actual hardcore, focused meditation to count. For me, all I need is a few minutes of peace and quiet, where I can reflect and relax without my brain running a million miles an hour.

In any case, I need to learn how to set aside the time to think, to plan, to reflect, without interruption. At work, there is always some pressing task to be done. At home, there are always kids asking questions, or my husband hanging around. Don’t get me wrong. I love to spend time with my family. But it is hard to concentrate when I instinctively look first to others’ needs. My needs just don’t get taken care of.

When I do get a moment of peace, I usually spend it “in denial” – reading a book, watching TV, sleeping, or otherwise trying to escape from all of the other things that surround me. If I were better able to plan, prioritize, and manage everything, it seems like maybe I would be able to actually face it again. Without those quiet moments, everything in my life right now is just a reaction.

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