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Project 365 & my annual (bi-annual?) “I should update this more” post


I’ve always wanted to try the Project 365 thing, especially because I’m finding that the busier our family gets, the fewer pictures I take. And, there’s really no excuse for that, being as I can take a photo from my* phone and post it in mere minutes.

Except…I’m embarrassed to post anything to my** own blog because I’ve let it get so horribly out of date. So if anyone actually does read this, please accept my humblest apologies.

I gather that some people do Project 365 because they love photography, but I still maintain that I am lacking in the photography department and I’m totally ok with that. More importantly, I want to practice being aware of my surroundings, appreciating my blessings, and maintaining a record of our family’s experiences that we might one day be able to reminisce over. Since I am such a word person I imagine there will be just as much blogging as there will be picture taking; at least, there will be if I’m doing it “right”.

With all that said, today’s picture is…drumroll please…chicken drumsticks. I could tell you so much about this picture. I could talk about how I tried all day to think of a happy picture to take, but my bad mood interfered. I could share that I considered taking a picture of my desk, because the stress that I carry home from work has begun to dominate my life. But in the end I decided that sometimes counting your blessings means recognizing the little victories. Today, the fact that I actually cooked a meal for my family, that fact that we ate fresh instead of fast or frozen, well, it meant a lot to me. And in the end, posting this picture taught me a lot more than spending my whole day looking for something “meaningful” to capture.

*Why would my phone think that “my” should be corrected to “ky”? Does that make any sense?

** Again…really?


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