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Hmmm…what to take a picture of now?

I’m five days into the Project 365 and I’m already out of ideas for pictures. I posted three yesterday, doesn’t that count for something? I’m going to have to start taking some crazy pictures of my desk, because it becomes increasingly clear to me that this is where I spend the majority of my time. Well, there and in my bed, but it would be hard to get a picture while I’m sleeping.

But, in a last-ditch effort to put up something semi-reasonable for today, I am taking a picture of one of my favorite things: books.


Specifically, this is the bookcase in my room. This is where my books are kept. We actually have a much larger, much more impressive bookcase in the sitting room, and I have some of my business books on my desk at work, and the kids have there own bookcases. And then there is the bookcase and the cabinet where I keep all of my magazine back issues. But this bookcase represents the books that I go to again and again, for fun, for comfort, for education, or sometimes just to look at the pretty pictures. Maybe I’ll do a series of pictures on my massive collection of books…it would certainly be representative of who I am!

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