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How do you fix time?

The last four hours have been so surreal. I feel like the world is rotating without me. It’s like when the world rotates around you, only it’s on the other side of the coin.

There are days when time flies and there’s not nearly enough of it. Most of my days are like that. My list is always longer than the sunlight. I always run and run and run until I collapse and can’t go anymore. There’s always this sense of urgency, and the days of the last several months have all been leading up to this big question of how can you do everything faster? All these human processes…learning, feeling, growing…I can’t wait them out. I can’t make them move. What am I supposed to do with them? So frustrating when everyone tells me it just takes time, then asks me why things aren’t done yet. If I controlled time I would make it better, I know I could.

And all of the sudden I got a bunch of things done, and my world came to a halt. Cleared my desk and my e-mail at work. Came home and started working on things that I’ve been putting off for ages…craft projects…organizing…e-mails. I gave myself a pat on the back for it. I woke up this morning with the deepest sense of peace and purpose that I have felt for ages. I looked ahead of me, and all I had was time. Time to do the things I wanted to do. Time to get my thoughts in order. Time to work the things I needed to work and time for everything to be okay. Very unlike me. It was the rarest, most wondrous feeling, like a grown-up version of magic, and something I needed very much.

But it seems that nothing ever lasts. It took all of about three hours for the world to catch up to me with silly news I’ve been dreading for months now. I don’t want to alarm everyone; no one is terminally ill, no horrible awful anything to anyone other than me. I’m grieving something that I never even had; a dream, a wish, a hope; something other people just don’t understand and I can’t explain, but I know that now it is irrevocably gone. I know it’s not a big deal. But I also know that it is a big deal. And I know logically that it will take time to process it. But I also know that no one else will understand that. I want to get it out as quickly as possible, announce it, scream it, just throw it out there and get it over with like ripping off a band-aid, but I don’t want to talk about it or face it or share it with anyone else because it is just too much right now. I don’t want to hurt anyone else, but I DO, I want them to understand why this was so important and I want to know why they took it away, and I don’t know what to do except go away until I’ve somehow worked it all out.

So now again, I want to fast forward. I hate this quiet time. I hate the peace, and the calm, and the having stuff done and in order and ready to go. I don’t want to have all the time in the world ahead of me, because time HURTS and I just want that hurting to stop. I want to fly back at everything and hurry hurry hurry through the bad part and be too busy to feel like this anymore. I want to be frustrated and stressed out and angry and not crying and hiding and asking why. I want to go about my day without the fear of breaking down; without the looming ominous feeling that someone will expect me to act like things are okay even though to me they’re really not.

But then, I want someone to tell me that I can ask this for myself…just this once…to take the time to process something without being told to “suck it up” or “be happy for them” or “talk about it” or “give it to God” or whatever other things that people say when they don’t want to be burdened with the suffering of others. And logically, I know I’m allowed to take a little time…everybody says that, right, “it takes time?” But I forgot, I am back in my real world now, where it takes time that you’re not allowed to have, time that drags on forever and people still expect you to make it move so that they don’t have to wait. Time is a problem, all right, but it’s always someone else’s. How much time is enough when you’ve lost something? When I am supposed to be able to let go of this?


Hmmm…what to take a picture of now?

I’m five days into the Project 365 and I’m already out of ideas for pictures. I posted three yesterday, doesn’t that count for something? I’m going to have to start taking some crazy pictures of my desk, because it becomes increasingly clear to me that this is where I spend the majority of my time. Well, there and in my bed, but it would be hard to get a picture while I’m sleeping.

But, in a last-ditch effort to put up something semi-reasonable for today, I am taking a picture of one of my favorite things: books.


Specifically, this is the bookcase in my room. This is where my books are kept. We actually have a much larger, much more impressive bookcase in the sitting room, and I have some of my business books on my desk at work, and the kids have there own bookcases. And then there is the bookcase and the cabinet where I keep all of my magazine back issues. But this bookcase represents the books that I go to again and again, for fun, for comfort, for education, or sometimes just to look at the pretty pictures. Maybe I’ll do a series of pictures on my massive collection of books…it would certainly be representative of who I am!

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Quality family time?

Pouting is such sweet sorrow.

Pouting is such sweet sorrow.

The kids always want to have “family movie night”, and since it’s something we can all enjoy together, I try to oblige. But it’s hard to get into the spirit knowing they always begin with a 45 minute argument about what movie to watch. Inevitably, someone is unhappy. Take one look at that face and guess who it was tonight? Of course, W started crying shortly after, and I was frustrated, so everyone was unhappy. An hour later we are finally watching Alice in Wonderland…and I’m just ready to go to bed!

About friends, and holidays, and birthdays

So there is a lot on my list of 101 in 1001 that has to do with being a more social person. Or at least, being a better friend to the people that I actually do care to socialize with. I’m generally way too busy overcommitting to a million things to actually be there for anyone else. And as much as I love to talk, sometimes I get carried away and dominate conversations. I’m a perfectionist, and I like to apply my incredibly unrealistic standards not just to myself, but to everyone around me, and for some reason that tends to offend people. With all that being said, I realize logically why I might not have as many friends as some people.

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Challenge 14 – Send 2 birthday cards per month to family or friends.

I think sometimes my problem with friendships/relationships/etc is that I tend to become oblivious to what is going on around me. Just like anything else, the social thing comes naturally to other people, and not so naturally to others. Despite the fact that I LOVE to hear myself talk I’m just not really an extrovert. I have to concentrate to remember to think of others. This challenge will (theoretically) help me pay attention and appreciate those important people in my life — and make it a habit to continue into the future.
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Sheer exhaustion

Just so that we can all be clear, including me, myself and I, yes I AM still alive. Yes I AM successfully married for all of a week and a half now. And yes I AM feeling much better to have the wedding all settled and done. However. An end to the wedding planning means back on track with remodeling the house, so I have spent the better part of the last week painting the kitchen, when I wasn’t busy returning wedding gifts in favor of things to go in the kitchen when I’m done. And softball has started for both K and I, and dance recital is coming up in a couple of weeks, and my sister’s baby shower that I’m planning, and it’s been month end so long hours at work, and so on and so forth.

I SWEAR, someday soon, I will actually take pictures and get them up here. Of anything, really, but mainly my knitting and my house, which I keep promising pictures of. And I will get back on track with my 101 in 1001. Someday.

Spring gardens

From the spring fling coffee and yarn swap (yes, I’m actually going to take their suggested prompt, and do a real live blog post!): Let’s pretend for a minute we all live in the home of our dreams, have land, and don’t have to work so time is unlimited! It’s Spring planting season! What would you grow? A little veggie garden? A bed of bright spring blooms? Or is your thumb so far from green that the only thing you’d be planting is your tushy into a nice chair on the porch to get some knitting or crocheting done in the nice breeze?

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