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Birthday Girl

The birthday girl, doing what she does best — talking. And making a fashion statement. But she is becoming a beautiful young lady! She was very excited to officially be a “pre-teen” now that she “has double digits”. I can only imagine how bad the smart mouth will be now!


Hmmm…what to take a picture of now?

I’m five days into the Project 365 and I’m already out of ideas for pictures. I posted three yesterday, doesn’t that count for something? I’m going to have to start taking some crazy pictures of my desk, because it becomes increasingly clear to me that this is where I spend the majority of my time. Well, there and in my bed, but it would be hard to get a picture while I’m sleeping.

But, in a last-ditch effort to put up something semi-reasonable for today, I am taking a picture of one of my favorite things: books.


Specifically, this is the bookcase in my room. This is where my books are kept. We actually have a much larger, much more impressive bookcase in the sitting room, and I have some of my business books on my desk at work, and the kids have there own bookcases. And then there is the bookcase and the cabinet where I keep all of my magazine back issues. But this bookcase represents the books that I go to again and again, for fun, for comfort, for education, or sometimes just to look at the pretty pictures. Maybe I’ll do a series of pictures on my massive collection of books…it would certainly be representative of who I am!

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Rainy Day

What we should have been doing...

It definitely felt like a cold, rainy day today. I really should have gotten some laundry done, but instead we laid in bed and read books for the evening. A perfect cold, rainy day activity if you ask me!

What we were doing...

At least we accomplished one productive task: Sam finally got a bath!

At least one productive thing got done!

Whew! Dance recital is DONE!

K in her ballet performance.

And, it went beautifully…yep, my little girl IS growing up. She says that Cheer and Ballet are her favorite, and you can certainly tell when she’s on stage. Aunt Whitney and Baby Ellie came to see her, and after the ballet Whit and I were both crying. Today is a special two-picture day, because she also met a major milestone that she has been so excited about — her five-year award. I am exhausted now, but as always, it was so worthwhile to see another year of hard work pay off for K!

Awards Ceremony

Dress rehearsal


We made it through dress rehearsal! All the girls looked so colorful and pretty in their costumes…I can’t wait to see them onstage in the recital. Every time I see one of the little girls it reminds me of how quickly K has grown. She gets her five year award tomorrow, and I don’t know who is proudest, her or me. She used to be just my little girl, but I can tell it will be all too soon that she becomes her own beautiful young woman.

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Quality family time?

Pouting is such sweet sorrow.

Pouting is such sweet sorrow.

The kids always want to have “family movie night”, and since it’s something we can all enjoy together, I try to oblige. But it’s hard to get into the spirit knowing they always begin with a 45 minute argument about what movie to watch. Inevitably, someone is unhappy. Take one look at that face and guess who it was tonight? Of course, W started crying shortly after, and I was frustrated, so everyone was unhappy. An hour later we are finally watching Alice in Wonderland…and I’m just ready to go to bed!

Project 365 & my annual (bi-annual?) “I should update this more” post


I’ve always wanted to try the Project 365 thing, especially because I’m finding that the busier our family gets, the fewer pictures I take. And, there’s really no excuse for that, being as I can take a photo from my* phone and post it in mere minutes.

Except…I’m embarrassed to post anything to my** own blog because I’ve let it get so horribly out of date. So if anyone actually does read this, please accept my humblest apologies.

I gather that some people do Project 365 because they love photography, but I still maintain that I am lacking in the photography department and I’m totally ok with that. More importantly, I want to practice being aware of my surroundings, appreciating my blessings, and maintaining a record of our family’s experiences that we might one day be able to reminisce over. Since I am such a word person I imagine there will be just as much blogging as there will be picture taking; at least, there will be if I’m doing it “right”.

With all that said, today’s picture is…drumroll please…chicken drumsticks. I could tell you so much about this picture. I could talk about how I tried all day to think of a happy picture to take, but my bad mood interfered. I could share that I considered taking a picture of my desk, because the stress that I carry home from work has begun to dominate my life. But in the end I decided that sometimes counting your blessings means recognizing the little victories. Today, the fact that I actually cooked a meal for my family, that fact that we ate fresh instead of fast or frozen, well, it meant a lot to me. And in the end, posting this picture taught me a lot more than spending my whole day looking for something “meaningful” to capture.

*Why would my phone think that “my” should be corrected to “ky”? Does that make any sense?

** Again…really?